Bmw 320D

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  • Skelbimo ID: 3698

  • Paskelbtas: 2020 8 gruodžio

  • Kaina: 10999€

  • Lokacija : Lietuva

  • Apskritis : Vilniaus

  • Miestas: Vilnius

  • Skelbimą žiūrėjo: 1551


Built for Lithuanian R3000 class,winner of 3rd place in 2020.Bmw e36 with B47D20(diesel) engine.Fast and reliable car for sprint or endurance.Very easy and cheap to maintain.
-B47D20 low mileage almost stock engine 280hp/500nm(with some minor mods can do more)
-Racing I/C and cooling radiator.
-Snowperformance stage3 methanol system with 10l tank.
-Nuke surge tank,no starvation until completely empty.
-6 speed manual gearbox with light flywheel and ceramic clutch.
-188 case 3,08 ratio LSD,215km/h top speed.
Suspension and brakes:
-Fresh BC RM series coilovers after revalving.
-Powerflex bushings.
-E46 front control arms.
-Adjustable rear control arms.
-“Fast” e46 steering rack.
-E36 M3 EVO floating brakes with new pagid pads.
-Cobra Sebring seat.
-Sabelt harness.
-IRP short shift
-IRP pedal box with wilwood m/c and remote bias adjuster.
-Wilwood bias valve.
-Innovate EGT gauge.
-Innovate wideband O2 gauge.
-All necessary safety equipment.
-1100kg prepared for race with plenty space for further reduction.
-Rust free,reinforced in all critical points.
-Wider body prepared for 235/40 Et20 wheels.
-Front splitter with fast remove.
-Adjustable rear wing.

Car has all FIA and local documents.After hot season need to be repainted,except that-ready to race.Located in Lithuania,can help with transportation.For more information contact via phone or mail.

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