Ford Fiesta R2T

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  • Skelbimo ID: 7020

  • Paskelbtas: 2023 2 spalio

  • Kaina: 35000€

  • Būklė: Nauja

  • Lokacija : Lietuva

  • Apskritis : Šiaulių

  • Miestas: Kelmė

  • Skelbimą žiūrėjo: 394


Ford Fiesta R2T for sale with spare parts package.
Car is in good condition, ready to race.
-Driveshafts 460km
-Gearbox 540km
-Clutch 540km
-Engine Bearings 540km
-Dampers 600km
-Turbo needs to be changed now, but at the moment everything works perfect.

Spare parts included:
2 sets of driveshafts, steering rack, wish bones, turbo, rear beam.Full front (bumper, radiator, intercooler,lights, wings, windshield) rear bumper. And a lot of other little things
Feel free to write for detailed info.

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